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A multipurpose discord bot with numerous features and commands

<> = Required | [] = Optional


avatar [mention/id] Return your avatar or the avatar of another users

cat Get a random cat picture

flip Flip a table, but make sure you put it back

hug <mention/id> Hug another user, aww

kiss <mention/id> Kiss another users, oooo

neko Get a random neko picture

thuglife <mention/id> Make someone’s avatar reflect ThugLife

jail <mention/id> Send a user to jail (edits avatar)

wanted <mention/id> Make a wanted post for a user


help [command] Get a list of commands

invite Get an invite for the bot

serverinfo Get information on the server

whois <mention/id> Get information on another users

support Get an invite to the support server


ban <mention/id> [reason] Ban a user

kick <mention/id> [reason] Kick a user

mute <mention/id> [reason] Mute a user

unmute <mention/id> [reason] Unmute a user

warn <mention/id> [reason] Warn a user


bugreport <bug info> Report a bug

lock <time> Lock a channel (can be unlocked by using command followed by release)

ping Get the bots ping

uptime Get the bots uptime

weather <location> Get the weather for a location

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Prefix: s!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Foxy#0004
Short link: discord.ly/sigma