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A bot that can search for any info in chat!
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Siri - is a help bot that can search any info in any time.
Bot can search info in google, on wiki and a lot of other sources!
Bot will get more and more functions to have and making chat to be smart.
If you only say “Hey siri” bot will listen to your request.
What it can do?
Bot can search in google, in wiki and a lot of other places.
Basically, bot just searches for info and gives you info.
Also, bot has welcome and starboard.
After you say “Hey siri” you can say “Info” and you will get commands.
Please, read this too.
You need to say “yes” if bot says to answer “yes”.
Example: Bot: “Is it what you searched? Answer “yes” if it is what you want.”.
You need to answer “yes”, not “Yes”, “ye”, “y”.

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