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A configurable Discord Bot with fun commands, social, moderation, and much more!
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Who is Skyra

Skyra is a multi-task, powerful, and fun discord bot, that satisfies most needs. Why have 10 different bots that do one thing, when you can have 1 bot that does all 10?

Skyra is:

  • ? Fast
  • Friendly
  • Intuitive
  • Fun
  • Useful
  • Clever
  • Adaptive


  • Memes: Skyra has unique image commands such as deletthis, f… and commands such as xkcd for funny jokes.
  • Social: Skyra features global and local (per-guild) scoreboards where you get the points by talking.
  • Economy: Skyra features an economy system tied to the social one, you can get money twice a day and spend it gambling or buying banners for your profile.
  • Moderation: Skyra features a large repository of 15 moderation actions plus some automated systems such as no mention spam, caps and attachment filters, and more.
  • Multiple Language: Skyra features two languages, English and Spanish (though not completely finished), and will support more languages in the future.
  • Logging: Skyra features member logs, moderation logs, message logs, and NSFW message logs. Alternatively there is an option to set up a custom greeting and farewell message and channel with placeholders.
  • Games: Skyra features some games such as Connect-Four, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Hunger Games.
  • Levels: Skyra features a few features tied to the social system (you increase your level after reaching an amount of points), though you can also achieve a role after reaching an amount of points.
  • Music: Skyra features several music commands, including youtube, soundcloud, and twitch support, with both recorded and live content!

How to use Skyra

The most basic command is the ping command, to run any command, you need to write the prefix, then the command’s name.

Considering s! is Skyra’s prefix (the one set by default), you can run the ping command by writing s!ping. However, if you don’t remember the prefix, you can send a mention (@Skyra#7023) and she will remind you the prefix. Alternatively, you can always use an user-friendly prefix like the following: Skyra, ping.

To get a list of all commands, you can write Skyra, help, she will show you an embed with navigation reactions, or Skyra, help --all for the full list of commands in your direct messages.

NOTE: The commands shown in the help command are only the commands that you and Skyra can use. This means, if you are not a moderator, you won’t see the moderation commands list, or if Skyra doesn’t have permissions to ban members, you won’t see the ban command.

The help command shows you a list of all commands’ names and a brief description for each of them, to get a full description, you may run Skyra, help <command>, for example Skyra, help whois.

Some commands have arguments, they are shown with an usage format describing the name of the argument and their types, and most of them include examples (even for the most simple command!), for example the following example:

  • <target:user> [greet|farewell]: There are two arguments, the first (surrounded by <>) is a required argument, it is called target and the text after : is the type: user. Therefore, this usage means that you must write a user’s ID or a mention. The second (surrounded by []) is optional and accepts two options, the lack of a type mean they are literals, they only accept the name of the argument, and is not case sensitive. The | character specifies multiple possible options for an argument, in this case, you can choose between two possibilities: greet and farewell. An example for this usage would be @Skyra#7023 greet.
  • <target:username>, <greet|farewell:default>: Same as before, but the type changed, the first one (type of username) accepts any name, Skyra will try to fuzzy-search (this mean she will detect names even if they contain typos). The second is the same as before, but defaults to farewell if none was given. An example for this usage would be Skyra (the second argument becomes farewell), which would be the same as doing Skyra, farewell. Also note the comma between both arguments, it is called an “argument delimiter”.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask me in the official support server!

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