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A fun bot with powerful AutoMod, tags, voice message TTS, YT-2-MP3, global AFK statuses, and extensive music bot features.

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Easily block nearly every variation of the n-word including most Unicode lookalikes!

Download mp3 music from YouTube directly in Discord for free using $download_song or $play it in a VC, and more! A new type of music bot is here!

Easily moderate/participate in Voice Message conversations with Voice Message Transcriptions (speech-to-text)! Whenever a voice message is sent, the bot will automatically convert it to text, no commands needed!

Tired of going offline for a while and coming back to pings that are too far up in chat to scroll to? Not anymore! Use $pings to immediately show all of your recent pings in a server!

Global AFK statuses make it easier to tell people when you’re not there! All you have to do is use $afk and whenever you’re pinged the user who pinged you will be notified that you’re AFK!

Use tags to save commonly used phrases/words as custom commands and even access them directly from the website, like this! Simply use $create_tag to save a tag for a guild, then use $tag to recall it!

Easily log any deleted/edited message, and log all deleted attachments, not just images, or use $snipe to show a recently deleted/edited message!

Join the support server to report bugs, suggest new features, and try out experimental features before anyone else!
Use $help for privacy policy/tos and to see the most commonly used commands or get more info about a specific command

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