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A French Bot with multiple exclusive features & commands !
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A cool and fresh bot (project started 27th February) with a tons of useful Features & Commands

  • Basic Moderation Commands such as ban/unban/clear/sondage/stick/kick/mute/unmute
  • Basic Music Commands such as join/leave/play/stop/resume/pause/volume
  • Basic Fun Commands such as racoon/cat/dog/hug/meme/pat/pikachu/wink/8ball/gay/hug/kiss/love/morse/panda/pepe/rate/slap
  • Snipe last removed message with s!snipe or last edited message with s!snipe edit
  • Get user or server infos with s!userinfo/s!serverinfo
  • Get yours or user profile picture with s!pp [optional USER] [optional effect]
  • An unique Force Mute System (mean that you can even mute server administrator.)
  • An exclusive Stick System that stick your message to a channel (if you want to do announcement or whatever)
  • YOU CAN NOW VIEW CORONAVIRUS STATE WITH s!coronavirus CountryName (you can view country list here : https://pastebin.com/dp7KG8Zy)
  • An exclusive RolePlay command s!ano to talk anonymously (good for GTA RP and other RP Game)
  • Instagram command s!instagram to see instragam account from the person you want.
  • There is also an anti-discord-invite system, other people (unless people with admin right) cant send discord.gg link.

WARNING: This bot is translated in french by default and is not planned to be translated in English.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.