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SOCIETY is a multipurpose bot that has basically everything you've ever wanted in your life and more! Moderation and fun commands.
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The bot that has basically everything you’ve ever wanted in your life and more! Moderation , literally all you’ve ever wanted.


  • Hosted 24/7
  • Moderation Commands
  • Fun Commands
  • Random pictures of animals
  • Frequent updates.


  • +kick Kicks a specified user from the server. Usage:+kick @user (reason)

  • +ban Bans someone from the server. Usage:+ban @user (reason)

  • +stats Shows the bot’s statistics.

  • +avatar Shows your or someone else’s avatar. Usage:+avatar @user

  • +dog Shows you random pictures of dogs.

  • +bird Shows you random pictures of birds.

  • +cat Shows you random pictures of cats.

  • +addrole Will add a specified role to a specified user.

  • +removerole Will remove a specified role from a specified user.

  • +kms Kills the user that used the command. (with consent)

  • +lock Locks the channel in case of raids etc. Only admins can talk while a channel is locked.

  • +unlock Unlocks the locked channel.

  • +meme Shows you a random meme.

  • +mute Mutes someone for a period of time. Usage:+mute @user 5s/5m/5h/5d.

  • +ping Shows latency and API latency.

  • +purge Deletes the number of messages specified. Usage:+purge (number of messages to be deleted)

  • +say Makes the bot say whatever you want. Usage:+say (message here)

  • +serverinfo Shows information about the server.

  • +userinfo Shows information about the user.

  • +smug Sends random picture of smug faces.

  • +urban Sends you the urban definition of a word from Urban Dictionary. Usage:+urban (word)

  • +yomomma Sends you a random yo momma joke.

  • +8ball (question) Asks the magic 8ball a question.
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