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The best music bot for Discord. Supports Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter, Insta, Vimeo and more!

🤠 - Looking for a quality music bot?

I present my new project, Sona Music 多 a bot that is in development with many cool things.

🤔 - What I have:

◻️ Optimal audio quality;

◻️ Arabic and English;

◻️ Nightcore effect;

◻️ Speed effect;

◻️ Volume;

◻️ Autoplay;

◻️ Play (Youtube,Soundcloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer, Bandcamp, Insta, Vimeo )

All commands using !help.

Commands List:

Play : Play the song or add it to queue [p]

Pause : Pause the song

Resume : Resume the song

Queue : Displays the queue

Skip : Skip to the next song or any song in queue

Volume : Change the volume [vol]

Autoplay : Toggle autoplay

Nowplaying : Displays info about the song [np]

Clear : Remove the queue and stop the song

Clean : Clean bot message and any message related to the bot commands

Ping : Get the bot latency

Loop : Repeat the queue or the song

Shuffle : Shuffles the queue

Move : Move a song to the top of the queue or to specific position

Remove : Remove songs from queue

Leave : Leave the channel & stops the song

Search : Search in Youtube

Seek : Change the position of the track or to specific time

Prefix : Displays the bot server prefix or change it

Allow : Allow a user or role from using the bot

Deny : Deny a user or role from using the bot

texttoggle : Denied the bot from responding in specific channels

setlang : Change the bot language

invite : To invite the bot to your server [link]

Setprefix : Change bot prefix [sp]

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: !
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: !,Dr-TriCK.⁴⁷#2000
Short link: discord.ly/sona