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soundy is probably the best music bot you'll ever get! He's fast, easy to use and secure.
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  • Soundy won’t ever listen to your conversations, because he deafens himself both to preserve bandwith and to protect your privacy!
  • Just provide a Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitch or Vimeo Link and start listening!

Essential Commands

  • +help | Provides you with a list of all commands
  • +play [provide youtube link or song name] | Lets you play music
  • +skip | skips the playing song
  • +pause | Pauses the music
  • +resume | Resumes the music
  • +stop | Stops the music
  • +dc | Disconnects the bot from your voice channel
  • +up | Shows the current uptime of the bot
  • +ping | Shows you the current ping of the bot
  • +np | Displays the playing song
  • +loop | Loops the playing song
  • +ff [duration you want to skip] | Fast forwards to the desired position (also accepts negative numbers; skips 10s without args)
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.