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A multipurpose discord bot with Moderation, Image Manipulation, Battles, Firewall, Economy, Memes, Utility, and much more.
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Top Sparkie Features: Autorole, customizable join/leave messages, server firewall, economy, memes, antispam/slowmode, moderation tracking with database, profiles, image manipulation, horsemen battles, reports, modlogs, serversettings, and much more.
AutoRole: gives a user a role on join.
Customizable Join/Leave messages: {user} has joined {servername}, we now have {membercount} members! - sends a message to #join-leave
Server Firewall - Users will be automatically put in a #firewall channel where they will have to agree to the rules listed with =firewall agree to get access to the server.
Economy - Businesses, banks, and more.
Memes - We have lots of meme commands, use ‘=help memes’ or ‘=help image’.
AntiSpam/Slowmode - Stop spammers by enabling this. If they continue, they will be automuted.
Moderation Tracking - Tracks moderation actions on a user =records @user, =clean @user, =serverwarns @user, =clearwarns @user
Profiles - Build a profile on Sparkie (description, rep, and more).
Image Manipulation - Meme commands to edit images.
Horsemen battles - Choose a horsemen and battle other user’s horsemen.
Reports - Report a user in a server to server moderators.
ModLogs - Auto-logging firewalls, moderation actions, and more.
ServerSettings - ‘=serversettings’
Sparkie has much more features and many more to come. Join our support server to request a command or get help.

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