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Squidward is a quick and simple modlogging bot with right click support & small customization

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A quick and simple modlogging bot that can log ban, unban, mute, unmute and kick (KICK may not work everytime due to date not being accurate)

So how does squidward work?

Simple, all it does it logs every moderation that happens in a channel, this can be mute, unmute, kick, ban or unban WITH editable reasons.

Commands it has:

help (shows help)

muterole (rolename) (Configures the muterole incase you don’t use the default ‘Muted’ one)

modlog (channel) (Configures where to post modlogs)

disablemodlog (disables modlogs)

r /OR/ reason (case number) (reason) (edits/supplies reason to a case)

(NOTE: BOT requires ‘View audit logs’ and ‘send messages’ permission to work

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.