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Strawberry, one of the best fruit that can do many of the essentials, and then some - more coming soon.
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Strawberry currently has 31 commands that are available to everyone - with many more coming soon.
All of the commands shown below are ran with a prefix. The default command prefix is . (e.g. .help). The prefix can be changed.

To view the description and usage of a command via the bot use .help <command>.
Information Commands
help - displays available commands that anyone can run
ping - checks the response time of the bot
stats - displays characteristics about the bot, such as emojis seen, users, server count, and channels seen
invite - outputs a URL to invite Strawberry to your server
server-info - displays detailed information about the server, such as the server ID, owner, member count, region and more
user-info - shows info about a given user
prefix - changes the bot command prefix of the bot
tags - used to set greeting and farewell messages
invite-info - shows information about a provided invite link
suggest - suggest a command to be added to the bot

Logging Commands
deleted-message-log - logs messages that have been deleted in the server to a specific channel
edited-message-log - logs messages that have been edited in the server to a specific channel
mod-log - logs moderation actions to a specific channel
voice-log - logs when members join and leave voice channels to a specific channel
farewell - sends a message to a specific channel when a user leaves the server
greeting - sends a message to a specific channel when a user joins the server

Fun Commands
say - sends a configurable message to the current channel
cat - sends a random image of a cat
dog - sends a random image of a dog
8-ball - imitates an 8 ball
define - defines a word
never-have-I-ever - sends a “never have I ever” question
meme - shows some spicy memes for your eyes

Moderation Commands
purge - deletes a certain amount of messages in the channel from a specific user or user with a certain role, up to 99
kick - kicks a member from the server
ban - bans a user from the server
voice-kick - kicks a member from a voice channel
warn - warns a user
soft-ban - similar to the kick command, but deletes messages from the banned user
channel-toggle - enables or disables Strawberry’s commands in a channel

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