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STW Daily Bot Commands

Discover the full list of STW Daily Discord Bot commands with this guide. Easily navigate through the commands and find the perfect one for your needs.

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Here are the Commands for STW Daily Bot:
  • @STW Daily reward day limit - View info about a specific day's reward, and the rewards that follow
  • @STW Daily help command - An interactive view of all available commands
  • @STW Daily auth token - Login with your Epic Games authcode and start an authentication session
  • @STW Daily kill - End your active authentication session
  • @STW Daily daily token auth_opt_out - Claim your Save The World daily reward
  • @STW Daily info - View information about STW Daily! Also verify authenticity of the bot.
  • @STW Daily research token auth_opt_out - Claim and spend your research points
  • @STW Daily homebase name token auth_opt_out - This command allows you to view / change the name of your Homebase in STW
  • @STW Daily vbucks token auth_opt_out - View your V-Bucks and X-Ray Tickets balance
  • @STW Daily profile profile - Manage your different STW Daily profiles
  • @STW Daily device - Create an authentication session that will keep you logged in for a long time
  • @STW Daily settings setting value profile - View/Change settings for STW Daily on a per-profile basis
  • @STW Daily news page mode - View the latest in-game news from Fortnite
  • @STW Daily bbreward day limit - View info about a specific day's reward, and the rewards that follow in Battle Breakers
  • @STW Daily power token auth_opt_out - View your Power level
  • @STW Daily i18n - Test internationalisation
  • @STW Daily invite - Invite STW Daily to your server, or join the support server
  • @STW Daily llamas token auth_opt_out - View and purchase Llamas in the Llama shop
  • @STW Daily dailyxp token auth_opt_out - View your daily STW XP cap