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A Compact Serious All in one Bot
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Suiris is a bot that is trying to make people easily grab informations what they need. Due to its purpose this bot is not fun at all.

I wanted to learn python but with a fancy way so I started to make a discord bot.

I will add lots of useless things to my bot because I want to test things for learning python.


  1. serious
  2. compact
  3. non-anime


  1. not funny
  2. dumb commands
  3. non-anime

currently it has:

  1. s.clock: shows time (global, local, unix)
  2. s.cform: parse chemical formula ((NH4)2C2O4 -> (NH₄)₂C₂O₄)
  3. s.wikipedia: returns wikipedia document
  4. s.dictionary: returns information from https://owlbot.info/
  5. s.atom: returns information of elements
  6. s.avatar: returns profile picture of people
  7. s.random: choose a random user in/with server/channel/role or choose a random subject from supplied arguments
  8. s.user, s.role, s.server, s.channel, s.emote: some informations about supplied subjects
  9. s.mute, s.kick, s.ban, s.warn: some moderation stuff
  10. s.reactionrole: reaction role
  11. s.giveaway, s.reroll: giveaway
  12. s.userrole, s.botrole: auto role when account joins your server
  13. s.log join, leave, commands, moderation: user join/leave, bot commands, moderation logs
  14. s.help: literally helps you
  15. s.info: bot information

and some useless commands.

I will try to add more useless things.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.