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Basically, a bot with stuff. Your everyday starting thing, but a special thing is here. More info on the long description.

Your everyday starting out bot, but with random commands, such as win-mango. You should try that command out. Also, this bots run on the TTNet, or my friend runs it for me on his bot due to my original coding place making an error for no reason. (Unexpected token " "!? WTF, Glitch!?)

-I can run it whenever i want, as long as BotTTNetwork is up, even IN discord!
-I can ask my friend to add a new command in DMs.

-When BotTTNetworks gone, this guys gone.
-No established online-offline time. AT ALL.
-I`ll have to ask my friend to run his bot so i can start this bot up, or i just have to wait.

SERVER NERFS (just because)
-The invite doesnt work, cuz Discord broke the invites, so just take this invite code to get in: 6fDwch9

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.