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A sweet cute discord bot with 150+ fun and moderation commands! Marry, Date, Compete and get the best couple rank!

Suzuka is a fun and moderation discord bot designed in Anime style with full of cuteness!!!

Suzuka have a Marriage System, where you can:

  • Propose, Accept, Date and Compete!
  • Date your partner to Increase Affection!
  • Compete with all other couple globally!
  • Get the weekly best couple rank!
    • Suzuka Date ranking system have power to bring a copule close together!

Suzuka has a lot of fun commands like:

  • Hug
  • Kiss
  • bye
  • match (Matching love Between two users)
    • A lot of commands like slap, gn, gm, cry, ty, yw, pat and so on!

Suzuka Has a lot of useful commands like:

  • animequote (With Image)
  • profile (Fully custimzable with Twitter, Instragram, Youtube and a Custom banner!)
  • Custom Welcome with preset included!
  • Fully customizable embed with/without images!
    • Tons of useful commands like color, poll, userinfo, serverinfo, clear, rps, slots, calculator and a lot more!

Suzuka has a lot of moderation commands like:

  • Ban/Unban
  • Mute/Unmute
  • Ticket System
  • Kick
    • Commands which can be misused have been set to Admin only!

Suzuka have 150+ useful commands!! For the full commandlist run )cmd or )commands!

Invite me and have fun!

Example images of marriage system:

Marriage System
Marriage System
Marriage System
Marriage System

Example of Customizable Profile:

Customizable profile with Social Media Link

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


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Created by: Hajime#8673
Short link: discord.ly/suzuka