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A bot that gives you all info about Swiss Transport Timetable with precision!
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Swiss Transport Bot

This is my very first discord bot! It gives you all the necessary informations about Swiss Transports! You have access to all the code on my GitHub (https://github.com/TacticsCH), but please don’t use it without giving me some credit ;).

Talking about that, I must thank this youtube channel for helping me in my first steps in discord.js : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNXt2MrZaqfIBknamqwzeXA


Here’s the list of the commands the bot can execute :

*Syntax : <> = required ; [] optionnal

Commands Arguments Result
++help [commandname] Gives you a list of the bot commands, and gives info about specific commands.
++bot-stats Gives you some stats about the bot.
++ping Gives you the latency of the bot and of the client.
++itinerary <from> <to> Gives you the itinerary detail about your destination.
++next-transport <from> <to> [departurenumber] Shows you a list of the next departure to your next destination and gives you more info if you specify one of these departures.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.