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Full Synthy Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Fun commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Synthy Discord Bot Described:

A mixbag of various features from weather, XKCD comics, image manipulation and more

Synthy is a project that’s been worked on over the last few years and hopefully will be for years to come. I’m opening this bot up as it contains a few useful commands that a lot of people can make use of and/or enjoy.

To get started, Synthys default prefix is ! but this can be changed.
All command prefixes can be replaced with an @synthy tag, for example:

  • @synthy synthy prefix s? OR !synthy prefix s?
    This will change Synthy’s prefix to s? for your server. Just replace s? with what you would like it to be. (Max 5 characters)

Below are all the commands available for use. Please, if there are any issues with this bot or any suggestions. Head to the Synthy Discord and let me know!

Ask it a question. Yes, Synthy likes good grammar and wants you to end your question with a ?.

Less of a command and more of a happy surprise, sometimes Synthy reposts a message and replaces one of the words with butt. Off by default.

Server customisation allows for how often this happens and a toggle for off/on.

Designed to allow users to choose a specific coloured role. This command only allows users to have one role in list of colours shown by the command.

To add colours to this command, simply name a role with square brackets like [orange] to have this command find and allow users to pick this role.

It’s important to note the order of roles is very important in Discord. If you want colours to take precedence, you must have the roles near the top of the roles list in the server admin screen

Deep Dreams the last image posted. Nightmares ensue.

Gives you definitions of a word according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

This allows for the bot to send messages informing of user join and leave events. Join events show more information, like which invite was used and who the owner of that invite is so you can pat them on the back for a job well done.

Flip friends, family, small children, that dog down the street, that person who cut in line. Everything.

Shows an in-Discord help message.

A command with memes in mind for people to add in PNG templates that incorporate a blank window, and name it.
When this command is used with a template name, Synthy will grab the last image posted and put it in the window of the template.

Produce some info regarding the server, or a specific user (user names are case sensitive).

Paired with rank, this shows you the top 10 of the server. [WIP]

Polls are easy to setup, just add your poll after the command (in the same message) and the bot will help out with reaction emojis.

Paired with leaderboard, this shows your ranking in the server. [WIP]

Set reminders for things through Discord for any time and date.
Currently based on UTC+0.

An any-sided-dice roller. For example. !roll 1d20 or !roll 4d4 or !roll 2d10 + 5 are viable commands.
As someone who appreciates D&D, this hopefully should work for most D&D situations.

Return an SCPs info from the SCP Wiki.
(If issues are found with this, please ping a mod in the bots discord)

Allows users to use the :star: emoji to vote-pin a message to a specific channel. This channel set manually, please see use the !starboard channel command in the channel you want messages to end up in.

Find games from the Steam store, Synthy will find the game with the closest match to what you give so try to be as specific as you can. If you’re not sure, try using the !steam list sub-command.

Configure some bot specific stuff, like the bots nickname and the bots prefix.

Adds a bottom-text caption to the most recent image and posts the new masterpiece.

A general to-do list, separated for each user. Remembering things is hard sometimes, Synthy has your back.

Gives you definitions of a word according to the Urban Dictionary.
Disclaimer: Urban Dictionary may post some NFSW results, please be cautious with this.

Gain knowledge from Wikipedia with anything you want to find.

XKCD is great, so a Synthy has a command to find them from Discord. This command alone posts the most recent XKCD comic but give an ID (found form their URL number) and you can get any XKCD comic you need from Discord.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Synthy Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Synthy to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Synthy Discord Bot' on this page.

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