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Scans your chat for times and translates them into between timezones!
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T-Zero makes communicating over different timezone as easy as it has never been!

T-Zero will scan all messages that it can recieve for times and lets you convert those times into your timezone easily

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Setting up T-Zero

There is no such thing as “setup” required for T-Zero. It only requires a timezone being set by every user. This is done by issuing the following command: tzero!set <Timezone>

If a user has once defined their timezone, it is global and does not need to be set for every server.

Timezones are parsed using [TimeZone#getTimeZone](https://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/api/java/util/TimeZone.html#getTimeZone(java.lang.String) in the Java runtime. Valid schemes can be found in the TimeZone documentation for the Oracle Java Runtime.

Basically, values based on the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), like GMT+2 are allowed. Locations, like cities or countries are not allowed.

All TempVoicer commands

VoiceChannel commands

Command Description Notes
tzero!set <Timezone> Define your own timezone. This setting is global. See this documentation for which values are allowed.

Other commands

Command Description Notes
tzero!help [Command] Shows all available commands, or information about a specific command
tzero!property [<Property Name> [New Value]] Setup command Requires the Manage Server permission for usage
tzero!invite Sends you an Invite-link for the bot via DM
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