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My name is Tachanka, a multi-purpose bot capable of playing music, administrating your server and having some fun.
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Tachanka is a multi purpose bot with the following modules:

  • AudioCommands, allows playing of YouTube links, which will be expanded upon to make quicker moving forwards.
  • BaseCommands & BasicCommands, contains all the basic commands you would expect in a bot, including basic administrative commands such as muting users in text channels.
  • FunCommands, features commands for pulling Reddit Memes and gifs from the internet in general
    -R6SCommands, featuring some commands special to the name of Tachanka, which will be further expanded upon after release

All help can be found under =help or @Tachanka help, the command prefix by default is = or a mention of the bot!

Setup for administration is easy and can be set up with some clicks of the roles selector.

All feedback can be given to me by the bot by running =givefeedback!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.