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Tangerine is an open-source multipurpose moderation, utility, and fun bot. Includes Rainbow Six Siege stats and URL shortener.
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Tangerine is a bot with moderation and utility commands in addition to many fun and useless commands.
New features are still being added all the time! Use ~help to get started.

With Tangerine, you can:

  • Check detailed stats for Rainbow Six Siege (uPlay and PSN)
  • View and steal a player’s Minecraft skins
  • Shorten your URLs, courtesy of tinyurl
  • Convert your messages into ASCII art
  • View memes from Reddit’s own r/funny
  • Generate random phrases, colors, pictures, facts, emoticons and more
  • UWU-ify and Doge-ify your messages
  • Roll normal and RPG-style die
  • Check the time in all American timezones

In addition to:

  • Kick
  • Ban
  • Mute/tempmute
  • Change/reset nicknames
  • Purge messages
  • Repeat messages

(a full list of all commands can be found here)

Please visit our official website, https://tangerinebot.com, for all information regarding Tangerine.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.