Tatsu Discord Bot Commands

Discover the full list of Tatsu Bot commands with this comprehensive guide. Easily navigate through the commands and find the perfect one for your needs. View Tatsu Discord Bot
Command Description
/adminhelp topic provides help on admin commands
/avatar user type Display a user's avatar
/cookie give user count Give someone a cookie
/cookie stats user Show cookie stats
/cookie shop Shop for cookie upgrades
/daily user get or give another user your daily credits
/dice notation Rolls some dice
/fishy cast cast your fishing rod
/fishy sell type Sell your fish
/fishy redeem name redeems/sells a rare fish
/fishy inventory shows your current inventory for fishy
/fishy stats shows your fishing statistics
/fishy rarefish shows off your collection of rarefish
/help topic provides help on available commands
/mail view opens a menu to view, claim and delete mail
/mail claim claims all unclaimed items from your mail
/mail mark marks all mail as read
/mail delete deletes all mails
/pet interact visit user visit your Tatsugotchi or another user's room with both of your Tatsugotchi.
/pet interact clean cleans up after your Tatsugotchi's dirty mess.
/pet interact feed feeds your hungry pet.
/pet interact play spends some time playing with your Tatsugotchi.
/pet interact train teaches some tricks to your Tatsugotchi, if it listens.
/pet interact walk take your Tatsugotchi out on a walk and quite possibly find some items.
/pet interact prestige upgrades your pet's prestige at the cost of resetting it's level. Requires pet of level 50.
/pet misc capsules select a Tatsugotchi capsule from the list available to open.
/pet misc chart lists down the drop rates of a Pet Capsule.
/pet misc carer select a carer from the list available to take care of your Tatsugotchi with.
/pet misc edit opens up a universal edit menu for the whole of Tatsugotchi.
/pet misc nickname name give a nickname to your Tatsugotchi.
/pet misc nursery views all your Tatsugotchi with their relevant statistics.
/pet misc unwrap unwraps one of your wrapped Tatsugotchi.
/ping check Tatsu's response times
/profile user progress displays a user's profile
/quests daily view daily quests
/quests claim claim quest rewards
/rank user view yours or someone else's server rank card.
/reputation user award someone a reputation point
/rules View Tatsu bot rules
/shop store Opens the shop menu to access the event shop, expedition store or global store
/slots spin bet spin the slots
/slots chart Show chart for slot rewards
/solwallet connect Connect your solana wallet with your Discord account through Tatsu
/solwallet show Show your wallet address
/solwallet disconnect Disconnect your solana wallet from Tatsu
/solwallet balance Get your Solana wallet's balance
/solwallet collectibles Shows your Solana wallet's nft collectibles
/top server page period server leaderboard
/top global page global leaderboard
/top points page point leaderboard
/vote summary display cooldowns and links to vote
/vote buffs displays a list of voting reward buffs
/vote rewards displays a list of recurring/monthly voting rewards
/vote reminder action enable/disable reminders
/wallet user displays a user's currencies.