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A simple bot for roleplay or simple moderation

welcome on “Tea Time Anime bot”!

this bot is really simple to use, don’t It requires setting or other.

the bot have a cool commands, and, have a moderation commands.

this bot, is very helpful in a roleplay server, because they have many emotional commands.

now, i show you, the commands of this bot, and how work the commands

funny commands: =bored =bye +mention =shocked +mention =hi =facepalm =mh =ship +Mention =baka =crushed =nani =reverse =anger =boh =dance =ok =bruh =ew =F =vote =dorime =tired =8ball (+ask) =noice

serius commands: =invite =ping =staff =avatar

staff commands is:

=ban (ban an member) =kick (kick an member) =mute (mute an member) =unmute (unmute an member) =purge (purge message) =warn (warn an member) =userwarn (show all warnings of a person) [+ping] =clearallwarn (clear all warn of the server) =clearwarn (remove warn an Mention user)

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Prefix: =
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: ! Shuiko#6969
Short link: discord.ly/tea-time-anime-bot