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Start the conversation with a Tempy! - Tempy is a Bot which can create Temp Channels within seconds.
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Tempy Discord Bot

Start the conversation with a Tempy!

With the most advanced Temp Channel Bot

A Tempy Channel is a temporary voice channel that’s created when a Creation Channel is joined, so the person who joins the Creation Channel creates a Tempy channel. The user who created the Tempy will be moved in it and has the possibility to change the name of the channel and if desired also to kick people out of the channel, the channel will be deleted as far as nobody is in it anymore.

How it looks!

If one of your members joins a creation channel, they can block others from their channel, they can hide their channel and more!
Give your members the oppurtinity to build their own little place, at your server.
Invite Tempy and send only send -start to start the setup,
it’ll take you less than a minute and everything’s ready!
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