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Prefix: T!
Created by: Shinchan PB Xl#5691
Short link: discord.ly/tesla-bot
A simple Discord bot created using Discord.js For Multipurposes

Tesla Bot(T!)

Why use Tesla Bot ?

  • Cause Its 24/7 Online
  • Cause its MultiPurpose Bot
  • and much more

Few Commands

  • T!ban
    • Ban to Mentioned user

  • T!kick
    • Kick to Mentioned user

  • T!userinfo
    • Shows info about mentioned user / author of command

  • T!serverinfo
    • Shows info about current server
For a List of commands run T!help

Short Description

Tesla Bot is a multipurpose bot which allow us to moderate our server, currently this bot have less commands But we will add more commands to it which can even auto moderate your server the main purpose to make this bot is to moderate and fun

Thanks ;-)