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A multipurpose ModBot with many commands, completely free and no in-bot purchases!
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<h1>The PROcrafter 2.0</h1>
<h2>Completely free Bot</h2>
<h3>No in-bot purchases</h3>



  • Purge messages = !purge [amount]<br>
  • Warn users = !warn [user] [reason]<br>
  • Kick users = !kick [user] [reason]<br>
  • Ban users = !ban [user] [reason]<br>
  • Report user = !report [user] [reason]<br>
  • Temp mute user = !tempmute [user] [time]<br>
  • Channel lockdown = !lockdown [time+s/m/h]<br>
  • Shutdown command<br>
  • Banned words<br>


  • Server info = !serverinfo<br>
  • Weather info = !weather [place-name]<br>
  • Advanced Help<br>


  • Coin Flip = !flip [head/tail]<br>
  • Dice = !dice<br>
  • Music (Export only) = !play [songname/url], !queue, !pause, !skip<br>

<h3>Extra Features</h3>

  • Logs (DM maker for logs) <br>
  • Auto role<br>
  • Ticket system = !ticket [reason]<br>
  • DM message = !dm [user] [message]<br>
  • Welcome Message<br>


  • Only works in my server :/ (In Development)<br>
  • Works in every server :D<br>
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