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A Minecraft based feature-rich Discord bot that is easy to use. Gets things such as name history, uuids, skins, capes, Hypixel stats, etc.
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Theory is a feature-rich Discord bot that is easy to use. It allows you to get Minecraft/Mojang account name history, skins, capes, renders, uuid, & other information through to use of simple commands. Along with that there are multiple commands to gain Discord user/server info as well as Hypixel, HiveMC, and other major Minecraft server information and statistics.

Notable Commands:
-?namehistory - gets the name history of a particular user
-?available - checks the availability of a username
-?uuid - gets the UUID of a username
-?skin - retrieves the skins of a user
-?optifine - gets information regarding a users optifine cape
-?server - gets a given servers statistics

  • Hypixel stats (many gamemodes supported, being updated)
    -?guild - gives Hypixel guild stats
    -?friends - lists a users Hypixel friends list
    -?hivemc - gets statistics of a player on HiveMC
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.