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Invite Thundurus-BOT Bot to your Discord server and explore its full featured Pokédex commands. Discover the power of Thundurus-BOT Discord Bot.

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Thundurus-BOT Discord Bot Described:

Full featured Pokédex bot. Can also create embeds for raids and hide rooms

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General purpose Pokedex bot that also assists with room management and raid hosting!
Commands are pretty straightforward
Setup starts with !config and is very easy to move forward from there!

Invite here

Preview of the Commands

You can view movesets, level, resists of mons found in the Dynamax Adventures

You can check an aggregate of all the various pokeball catch rates.


Or specify a certain ball to just see that catch rate.


Just use !dex followed by the mon +any relevant form you want and an optional * or shiny to see the shiny sprite as well


Just use !sprite followed by the mon +any relevant form you want and an optional * or shiny to see the shiny sprite

Specify a den# or pokemon and it will pull all the relevant info, and only the relevant info, for that search


Find type resistances for any mon, most useful for Dynamax Adventures


Search any move and pull info and a picture from Bulbapedia


Update Friend Codes with !fc followed by the platform, which includes (switch1-4, pogo1-4, home, masters, cafemix, 3DS) then followed by (the code, @user, delete, to delete obviously, or nothing to just only see the specified code)


Both DenHost and Monhost are variable in that you can choose to include or exclude any of the previewed fields with the exception of the Den/Mon and the #Room.


The config is pretty self explanitory, some of the commands are restricted to specific roles and channels/categories and can be changed as such:


Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Thundurus-BOT Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Thundurus-BOT to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Thundurus-BOT Discord Bot' on this page.

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