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Ticket Tool Bot Commands

Discover the full list of Ticket Tool Discord Bot commands with this guide. Easily navigate through the commands and find the perfect one for your needs.

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Here are the Commands for Ticket Tool Bot:
  • /add user role ticket - Add a user or role to a ticket
  • /automation option - Stop or resume automation for tickets
  • /claim reason user - Claim/Unclaim the current ticket
  • /close reason - Closes the current ticket
  • /closerequest reason - Request to close the current ticket.
  • /commands - [Admin] Ticket Tool dev command
  • /debug - Debug the server to check some standard issues
  • /delete reason - Delete the current ticket
  • /help search ephemeral - Help and FAQ for Ticket Tool
  • /id option - Get the id of things like users, roles, channels and emoji's
  • /invite - Ticket Tool Invite & Support
  • /new user reason - Create a ticket
  • /open - Opens the current ticket if it was closed
  • /panel panels - Create a panel message for creating tickets
  • /permissionlevel user - Display your current permission level with Ticket Tool
  • /ping - Replies with the bots current ping
  • /premium - Buy premium and check the current status.
  • /purge - Delete's all the tickets in the server (Confirmation required)
  • /remove user role ticket revoke - Remove a user or role to a ticket
  • /rename name - Rename the current ticket channel
  • /setup - Setup and configuration editor
  • /transcript channel user limit - Create a transcript of the current ticket
  • /vote options user - Vote & earn free premium