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Invite TicketAid Bot to your server and get access to professional support commands. Get help quickly with TicketAid Discord Bot.
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TicketAid Discord Bot Described

: A Discord bot to keep your support system professional and efficient.

TicketAid comes with various commands, although it might not seem a lot but it is for a good reason! The main command which is >setup has the entire ticket system configuration in it for ease of use. TicketAid focuses on keeping your server support system professional and efficient.

Bot Features
  • Tickets are tracked and stored via transcripts which are sent into the specified ticket logs channel and direct messaged to the ticket author at the end.
  • TicketAid allows staff to manage tickets in a variety of ways such as adding/removing other users that might be needed in certain tickets.
  • The bot hardly goes offline, if it does, it is most likely due to planned maintenance.Join our Support Server to request help.
  • TicketAid comes with all the necessary checks to make sure that only the users with the assigned staff role are able to use the restricted staff commands.

TickedAid is associated with UtiliBots, if you require any support or wish to forward feedback or suggestions then you can do so by visiting the discord server here.

Admin Commands:
  • setup - Setup the ticket system.
  • toggletickets - Toggle the creation of new tickets.
  • add-staff - Add a role to access staff commands.
  • remove-staff - Removes role access from staff commands.
  • list-staff - List all of the designated staff roles.
  • setprefix - Set the guilds bot prefix.
  • blacklist - Blacklist a user from creating tickets.
  • whitelist - Whitelist a user to create tickets.
  • blacklisted - List all of the users blacklisted from creating tickets.
Staff Commands:
  • claim - Claim a ticket.
  • add - Add a user to a ticket.
  • del - Remove a user from a ticket.
  • close - Close a ticket.
User Commands:
  • new - Create a new ticket.
  • transcripts - A list of all your transcripts.
Miscellaneous Commands:
  • help - View all bot commands.
  • config - View the server configuration.
  • stats - View the statistics of the bot.
  • info - View bot information.
  • debug - Debug the bots required permissions.
  • bug - Report a bug.
  • ping - View the latency of the bot and API.
  • invite - A link to invite the bot.
  • privacy - Privacy policy of the bot.
  • suggest - Suggest a feature for the bot.
  • rate - Rate the bot on various bot lists.
  • reviews - Look at the bot’s reviews from Void Bots.
  • vote - Links to vote for the bot.
  • voted - Check when you or others last voted.
  • votes - View all of the bot voters.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add TicketAid Discord Bot to my server?

You can add TicketAid to your Discord Server by pressing ‘Add TicketAid Discord Bot’ on this page.

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Created by: Jack Glenn#0806
Short link: discord.ly/ticketaid