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levels, logs, high quality music, moderation, temp voice, giveaway, application, suggestions, verify, search in (google - youtube - twitch)

Commands :

bot have:

  • General commands
  • Get any info about server, role, channel, user
  • Moderation commands
  • High quality music
  • Search in google, youtube, twitch
  • Suggestions system
  • Applications system
  • Giveaway
  • Logs
  • Statistics
  • Fun
  • Ticket System
  • Auto Role
  • Reaction Role
  • Counter
  • Verify System
  • Welcomer
  • AFK System
  • Anime
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Prefix: t! (Customizable)
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: TARIQ#0001
Short link: discord.ly/ticks