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TriBot allow you to Moderate your server, add useful commands like giveaway, and a unique game that is currently WIP.


TriBOT is a bot made by an independent developer. The bot have features like anime information(from anilist), giveaway, games, welcome messages.
A leveling system with a leaderbord by server.
It also has its own game with daily rewards, summon(gacha) and more to come like pve,quests.
You can also get information about cryptocurrencies with a chart or you can convert them to another currency. And you can even give more life to your server by using the GIF commands!


If you want a more complete list of commands, just do t.help (command) or check the official website.
If you have questions or suggestions about the bot you can join the official support server!

List of Commands:

  • Anime Commands

t.animeinfo t.animeuserinfo t.animecharacterinfo

  • Cryptocurrency Commands

t.coinchart t.coininfo t.convert

  • Fun Commands

t.8ball t.baka t.cat t.dog t.hug t.kiss t.love t.meme t.pat t.random t.slap

  • Game

t.daily t.gameprofile t.magic t.move t.summon

  • Moderation

t.ban t.cleanup t.give t.giveaway t.kick t.mute t.purge t.softban t.unban t.unmute

  • Owner

t.eval t.shutdown

  • Social

t.avatar t.leaderboard t.profile t.togglelevelup

  • Utility

t.botinfo t.ping t.robloxprofile t.serverinfo t.userinfo t.weather

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.