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A bot that allows people without mics to talk in voice!
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Using the power of Google TTS and Discord.py you can empower your friends without microphones to talk to you while you are in voice!
Very simple setup with only one command needed and NO NEED FOR A PREFIX, JUST TYPE NORMALLY!

The commands include:

-setup #text channel: Sets the channel TTS Bot will do it’s magic in!

-join: Joins the current voice channel you are in (only responds in the channel that was setup)

-leave: Leaves the voice channel that TTS Bot is in on the server. (only responds in the channel that was setup)

-settings: Display the current settings

-settings help: Displays list of available settings

-set property value: Sets a setting

-botstats: Shows server count, voice channel count, and other stats!

Also accepts DMs for support, make sure to read the Welcome Message!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.