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A multipurpose bot with moderation, game and fun commands

TwoBit is a robot that wants to learn and help Discord communities with helpful and fun commands. It’s default prefix is ! but it can be changed with the “!prefix (prefix)” command. Also it’s mention @TwoBit works as prefix too.

There are many commands from NSFW to game stats.

It also has multi-language feature, currently having only English and Finnish. Want your language added? You can download the current lang file from https://twobit.glitch.me/en.json and edit it with your editor. Then send it to me on the support server channel #lang-files or on DMS Raikas#0178.

Also if you got any suggestions, you can do the “!suggest (suggestion)” command. Then it will be sent to the support server’s suggestions channel to people to vote what they want added.

I am looking to add many features in the future including music, somekind of economy and gambling and other more roleplay kind of stuff. If you want to see many updates and new commands you can vote. It helps out a lot.

Thank you :-3

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.