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Unconnected Discord Bot Described:

Automatically delete messages in offline/invisible status. Admins are allowed

My bot automatically delete messages from members who are in offline / invisible status, send them a message with the informations (server, channel and message content) and ask them to change the status to try to send again their message. Admins are allowed to send messages in offline / invisible status.
I made this bot because I hate when a user is in offline / invisible status, reads our messages and send one when he is supposed to be disconnected.

The bot has multiple options :

  • Vocal supported. When a user want to join a vocal and is in offline / unconnected status, the user is automatically kicked out from the vocal.
  • Avoid the ghosting (when a user is muted and stay in a vocal just to listen to others).
  • Got a timer to avoid ghosting (when a user try to self mute after joining the vocal). The timer is set by admins.
  • Has a command named “)createrole” to add a role named “AllowUnconnected”. This role can be added to whoever you want, and the users who will have the role will not be affected by the bot.
  • Has a command named “)bypassrole” to do the same thing as the createrole / unconnected status (TYPING = tried to send message in offline status. VOCAL = tried to join a vocal in offline status. GHOSTING = Tried to joined a vocal self muted. UNACTIVE OR GHOSTING = A user has self muted after joined a vocal, and the countdown of the timer has fallen to 0).
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Unconnected Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Unconnected to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Unconnected Discord Bot' on this page.

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