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A universal bot that has admin features, social features, some games, and so much more.
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A universal box that has almost all your needs in it.

You can use a command to hug another user, there is a level system built into the bot that goes through all servers you are on with the bot in it. You can search videos on YouTube, you can look up a word in the Webster dictionary. If you play Mind’s Eye Theater White wolf, there is an rps and command along with commands that allow the storyteller to throw against themselves.

It is also a really great admin utility to add to your server. You can purge messages up to 14 days old in one go, among so many other things.

I could go through a larger list of what this bot is capable of doing, but this is a basic info of what it can do.

If you want to see more, type +help and it can give you a fully detailed list of what it can do. It also, upon jo

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