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Invite Unlimited Bot to your server and enjoy its powerful utility commands. Easily run lots of commands with Unlimited Discord Bot.
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Unlimited Discord Bot Described

: Unlimited Bot is a utility bot that makes it easier to run lots of commands.
Slash commands have arrived ✨

Unlimited Bot is a utility bot that makes it easier to run lots of commands.

Purpose of the bot

Facilitate the execution of many moderation commands, music, and many more!

⚙️ | Management - (2)
  • <b>/config</b> ➔ Edit the default server configuration
  • <b>/prefix</b> ➔ Edit the bot prefix
👮 | Moderation - (8)
  • <b>/ban</b> ➔ Allows you to permanently ban a user
  • <b>/checkwarn</b> ➔ Allows to see the warns of a user
  • <b>/delwarn</b> ➔ Allows you to delete a warning
  • <b>/kick</b> ➔ Allows you to kick a user
  • <b>/mute</b> ➔ Allows to mute a user
  • <b>/unban</b> ➔ Allows to unban a user
  • <b>/unmute</b> ➔ Allows to unmute a user
  • <b>/warn</b> ➔ Allows to warn a user
🚀 | Miscellaneous - (21)
  • <b>/help</b> ➔ Allows to know all the commands of the bot
  • <b>/8ball</b> ➔ Ask the magic 8ball a question!
  • <b>/author</b> ➔ Allows you to know the creator of the best bot!
  • <b>/badges</b> ➔ Allows to see the badges of the users of the discord
  • <b>/bot-info</b> ➔ Get the bot info.
  • <b>/clear</b> ➔ Delete messages in a channel
  • <b>/commands</b> ➔ Allows you to retrieve the list of commands
  • <b>/emotes</b> ➔ Get the emotes of the guild
  • <b>/feedback</b> ➔ Send a feedback to the bot owner.
  • <b>/invite</b> ➔ Invite the bot to your server.
  • <b>/membercount</b> ➔ Get the member count of the server
  • <b>/ping</b> ➔ Return the bot latency
  • <b>/roles</b> ➔ Get the roles of the guild
  • <b>/server-icon</b> ➔ Get the server icon from guild
  • <b>/server-info</b> ➔ The most important server information
  • <b>/support</b> ➔ Support Server for the bot
  • <b>/system</b> ➔ Get system informations
  • <b>/update</b> ➔ Message talking about the bot update!
  • <b>/uptime</b> ➔ Get the bot’s uptime
  • <b>/user-info</b> ➔ Allows you to have information about a user
  • <b>/vote</b> ➔ Vote for the bot on top.gg
🎉 | Fun - (7)
  • <b>/bird</b> ➔ Request a bird to Unlimited Bot
  • <b>/cat</b> ➔ Request a cat to Unlimited Bot
  • <b>/dog</b> ➔ Request a dog to Unlimited Bot
  • <b>/fox</b> ➔ Request a fox to Unlimited Bot
  • <b>/koala</b> ➔ Request a koala to Unlimited Bot
  • <b>/panda</b> ➔ Request a panda to Unlimited Bot
  • <b>/randomcolor</b> ➔ Get a random color
🟩 | Experience - (2)
  • <b>/leaderboard</b> ➔ Allows to see the xp leaderboard of the server
  • <b>/rank</b> ➔ Allows you to see the level of a user
📩 | Ticket - (1)
  • <b>/ticket</b> ➔ Allows you to send the message that creates ticket channel
🎵 | Music - (0)
  • <b>Currently disabled</b>
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Unlimited Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Unlimited Bot to your Discord Server by pressing ‘Add Unlimited Discord Bot’ on this page.

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Prefix: un!
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: Panda'#7727
Short link: discord.ly/unlimited-bot