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A fun bot I made with discord.py. The bot currently has over 30 commands and more coming soon. Any support or feedback is appreciated!
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A Quick Look at Unnamed Bot

Below You will see a few of Unnamed Bot’s Commands

8ball Command

Every good bot has an 8ball command. Here is what ours looks like.

Biggify Command

The Biggify Command splits images up and makes them way bigger!

Morse Command

The Morse Command translates text to morse code. Unnamed Bot has a few other text-editing commands similar to this

Stickbug Command

This command turns any image into a stickbug meme.

Reddit Commands

Unnamed Bot has 3 Reddit commands which send random memes, views, and wallpapers. If you would like to see more Reddit commands, leave a suggestion!

Fortnite Command

Unnamed Bot has a few commands where you can look up a users stats in a video game! If you would like to see more commands like this, please leave a suggestion!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.