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The Uxtron bot is a multi-purpose discord bot that aims to improve your discord experience.
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The Uxtron bot documentation

Uxtron. The future of discord bots

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Hello! Welcome to the Uxtron bot documentation. Here, you will find out how to

  • Use the bot’s features and commands
  • Use the bot to improve your server experience
  • Use the dashboard
  • and a lot more!

But first, what is Uxtron? Well Uxtron is a multi-purpose bot that will help you improve your discord server to levels you have never seen before with other bots. Apart from that, it is also relatively easy to customize and has tons of features that you can use.

!!! Important !!!

Before you start using the bot, please make sure that you will not abuse the bot in any way and will not use it to violate the discord TOS.


Feature requests

To submit a feature request, please click here and select the feature request tag.


If you would like to contribute to this documentation, please go here, commit to a new branch, and submit a pull request with the pull request template.

Reporting an error or bug

If you want to report an error or bug regarding the Uxtron bot, please create a new issue here and follow the template provided when you create the issue. In order for the bug to be fixed, we will require in-detail explanations on how to reproduce the bug and the bug type (these are all mentioned in the template).

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.