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Bot systems - advanced level system, with new things. A server protection system that protects against sending links and the like.
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VADIMulti Official Bot

Bot information -

The bot is a software program in python and is displayed in the beta version.
Later on, Bot will add a number of other systems.
Bot systems - our discord server protection system, staff commands, level system and the like …
The famous bot version is “beta”,
There are a number of systems that will work in the future such as a game server system.

Bot commends

*help - to show the commands in bot

*setup - Initial setting of the bot on your server

*lb \ leaderboard- Top 15 people scoring on your server

*rank - information about your rank

*resetrank @user - User Reset Level (Admins Only)

*resetall - Reset all levels on server (Admins only)

Support - Inquiries

• Email address for inquiries- [email protected]


• invite link- http://vadimulti.vadimoo.com/

• The official bot site - http://vadimoo.com/

Regards, VADIMulti team

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