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An RPG-oriented bot for roleplay and DnD servers, as well as fun and memes!


Hello there! I’m Valkyrie, your favorite dungeon dragon. Unfortunately, I won’t be having you for lunch. Instead, I’ve got health potions, a few spare used weapons - just don’t question who they came from - and while I really hate to use it, I can breathe fire, too.

My prefix is v., and you can see a list of my commands with v.help.


Valkyrie offers quite the array of features to tickle your plenty.

She has a few moderative commands, but her use truly shines in her entertainment possibilities, and most importantly, her RPG-oriented commands. You’ll find her personality and mostly anime references will add to the atmosphere of your server in ways other bots cannot. Not only that, but she can roll dice… really, really well.

Plus, she offers character-creation that can then be viewed from any server she’s in - allowing you to quickly join Roleplays and DnD sessions, a whole heap of memes and reaction images for being a wizard in chat, avatar-generated memes, a currency and leveling system, and a bunch more cool stuff for you to discover!

Valkyrie is always being updated, and features come out at the speed of light. I take feedback and requests here at my Google Form, or right here in the support server

That’s It!

If you’re even a little bit sold, give Valkyrie a try, and if you’re not satisfied, it’s not like you paid for anything, so what’s the loss?

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