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Prefix: v!
Created by: vanill#1132
Short link: discord.ly/vanilla
A kawaii multipurpose neko bot with varied features. See full description for more
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Vanilla is a kawaii multipurpose bot for entertainment, moderation, socialization, and more!

Help Commands


  • Displays list of commands. Can call v!help [command] for details.


  • Alias of v!help

Fun Commands

  • v!neko
    Posts a randomly selected catgirl / neko from nekopara series

v!say [text]

  • Posts the user input


  • Replies with UWU


  • A command to post non-nekopara catgirls.


  • A command to post catboys


  • Ping command

v!gun [user]

  • Points a gun at a specified user

v!hug [user]

  • Hug a user. Also posts a cute gif.

v!cuddle [user]

  • Cuddle with a user. Also posts a cute gif.

v!kiss [user]

  • More romantic version of the hug command.

v!pat [user]

  • Headpat someone :)

v!8ball [question]

  • Ask a question for the magic 8 ball!

v!random [min] [max]

  • Generate a random number within an integer range.


  • Roll a number cube


  • Flip a coin

v!emote [emote]

  • Lets you use the bot’s custom emojis in your server (including emojis of all Nekopara characters)


  • (suggestive) generates pornstar name

Bot Commands


  • Gives you a link to join Vanilla’s discord server


  • Send the developer your feedback


  • Links you to any active polls to vote on Vanilla updates


  • Posts the github readme for the most recent update

Mod Commands (User requires a role named “Moderator” or “Administrator” to use)

v!delete [amt]

  • Deletes x amount of posts - max 99. Defaults to 1 if no amount if specified.

v!kick [ping user]

  • Kicks the specified user

v!ban [ping user]

  • Bans the specified user

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