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A bot for stats moderation and leveling
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-[- Voltix Bot -]-

Supports Logs channel and ability to change prefixes soon leveing system will be complete and members around the world can level up.

-[- Bot Commands -]-

To view all bot commands type the command .help

(GENERAL | Commands for all members.)

Show's server information.
Show's user information.
Show's server members count.
Show's your avatar or the mentioed member avatar.
Show's your ping.
Ask the 8ball anything.
Flip a coin.
Sends a dog picture.
Sends a cat picture.
Sends a meme. picture.
Show's how gay you are or the mentioned member.

(MODERATION | Commands for server staff.)

Sets the mentioned channel for all the logs. | PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Change the server prefix for the bot. | PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Sets the mentioned channel for all the members who join. | ``PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Sets the mentioned channel for all the members who leave. | ``PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Removes the logs channel. | ``PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Removes the welcome channel. | ``PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Removes the goodbye channel. | ``PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Starts a server poll. | PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Making the bot send a message that you provide. | PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Able to add a role to a member. | PERM: MANAGE_ROLES
Able to remove a role from a member. | PERM: MANAGE_ROLES
Gives a specific role to all server members. | PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Removes a specific role from server memebers. . | PERM: ADMINISTRATOR
Clears messages between 1 - 100 | PERM: MANAGE_MESSAGES
Changes channel topic. | PERM: MANAGE_CHANNELS
Bans a member. | PERM: BAN_MEMBERS
Kicks a member. | PERM: KICK_MEMBERS
Warns a member. | PERM: MANAGE_MESSAGES
Checks how many warns a member haves. | PERM: MANAGE_MESSAGES
Clears member warns. | PERM: MANAGE_MESSAGES
Mutes a member. | PERM: MANAGE_MESSAGES
Temporary mutes a member. | PERM: MANAGE_MESSAGES

(RANKING | Commands of rank system. [BETA])

.profile | Show's your profile.

.status | Changes your status. (Max status length 15)

(FORTNITE | Commands of fortnite stats)

.fwstats | This week Stats

.fmstats | Modes Stats

(TICKET | Commands of ticket support for members)

.tcreate (help reason) | Creates a ticket.

.tclose | Closes your ticket.
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