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Verc Discord Bot Described:

A Discord bot mainly built to make your server protected, advanced & more!
Hi, I’m Verc!
A Discord bot mainly built to make your server protected, advanced & more!

Verc is a multi-purpose bot which covers up the main features which you’ll ever need for your server! Verc is customizable where you can change its prefix and also blacklist some channels where you don’t want Verc to work there!

Why Verc?
Log everything
  • Message Events: Message Delete, Message Edit.

  • Member Events: Avatar Update, Name Update, Member join & leave.

  • Server Updates: Channels, roles, emojis.

Powerful Moderation
  • All the mod commands from Kicking a member to muting a member which you’ll ever need.
  • Advanced roleall command where you can choose the function if you want to only add roles for human or only for bots.
  • Keeps your server cleans and punishes the users who spam, raid, send random server invites and spam users/members excessively.

  • An ignored channel where the auto-mod sleeps and won’t watch you!

  • Let users suggest things and have everyone vote on it

  • Send a message to the user who made the suggestion when a decision is made.

  • Host an advanced giveaway which won’t be abandoned or lost!
  • An option to end the giveaway or reroll.
  • It has a simple levelling system where people will get levels when they chat in the servers!

  • Commands like leaderboard, rank where you can know your own level!

  • Don’t want the bot send a level up message in a random channel? Verc can just log the user which has just levelled up in a separate channel which you have set!

Custom-commands [coming soon]
  • Create a customized command with your own response when a user executes the command!
User engagement
  • It has a starboard, everyone loves a good starboard!

  • Information commands like covid and weather

  • Random animal images and facts!

  • Userinfo and Serverinfo commands.

  • A cool but unique image generating commands!

  • Set a custom prefix if you dont like the default prefix v-

  • Blacklist a channel where the bot will not listen to users who use the commands in the blacklisted channel and whitelist that channel whenever you want.

  • Ignore some features by using the commands in this category.

  • Set an auto-role system where a user will recieve a role when he/she joins the server.

<h2 align=“center”> Technical Features</h2>

  • Powered Instances and auto-reboot when bot crashes.

  • Fully secured SSH database, powered by MongoDB Atlas which is hosted 27/7 on Google Cloud

  • 99.9% online

<h2 align=“center”>Support</h2>

  • If you encounter a problem using Verc or don’t know how to use it? Join our support server by clicking here and you are good to go!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Verc Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Verc to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Verc Discord Bot' on this page.

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Prefix: v-, [customizable]
Servers: unknown
Users: unknown
Created by: MetalOoze#0499