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Verifi is a verification bot designed to be easy to setup but powerful. Verification settings are easy to change and customize.


Thank you for taking interest in Verifi. This verification bot is a project I’ve worked on for a while, and I’m proud to release it.

Why Verifi?

Verifi’s 5-step setup allows you to quickly secure your server and spend more time focusing on server content.
Verifi completes the verification process in DMs, which eliminates the need for a specific channel.
Verifi also has a secure two-step verification system that includes an image captcha, which makes it more secure.


  • http://verifi.cf < Bot’s Website (Has a setup guide if you need help!)
  • https://discord.gg/cRvsBpA < Invite to the support server. This is where I post patchnotes and let everyone know when the bot is going offline for updates. Would be lovely if you joined. (Same as the support server linked above this description)
  • Excuze#3063 < My Discord username if you need to reach out to me, though it would be preferred if you joined the support server and DM’d me through that, because I have no way of telling what friend requests are from Verifi users.
  • https://youtu.be/pdNCv2KXhFA < A link to a trailer for the bot I made.

Some other benefits of Verifi:

  • Verifi is non-instrusive and allows for a quick one-time setup, but is also easy to customize heavily if you want more control over verification.

  • Verifi’s style of verification is more secure than both reaction verification and message verification, meaning even if someone tried to code a custom script to bot raid your server, it would be very difficult to get past verification.

  • Verifi allows you to recieve custom logs about people being verified or failing verification.

  • Verifi allows you to set a custom message that will be sent along with the verification prompt.

  • Verifi allows you to preview what your verification will look like, so you can easily check if your setup is satisfactory.

  • Verifi allows you to set up a custom moderation role if you’d like to give a specific role the ability to modify bot settings.

  • If there’s an issue with your configuration, Verifi will automatically let you know when a new member joins in most cases (and auto verify that user!)

  • Verifi allows you to decide how much work you’d like to put into configuring it. Basic setup is simple, but there are many commands if you need a more tailored experience.

  • You can pick custom colors for the captcha background and text! Pretty!

  • There’s a blacklist command allowing you to ban users even if they leave before you can ban them.

Overall, I’ve put a good amount of time into coding and trying to improve this bot. If you like what you see, your invite would be greatly appreciated.

If you don’t like what you see, feel free to join the support server and leave me a suggestion and feedback, or email me at “[email protected]”. Feedback is very nice, as it helps me make the bot better for everyone.

Thank you for your time :D

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.