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Created by: Ethanism#1323
Short link: discord.ly/verifybot-9270
Allows the server to have a another cool way of self-verification.
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VerifyBot is a single purpose bot that helps the server to implement self-verification. What the bot will do is, the server must have a role “Verified Member”, that makes sense right? So when a new member joins a server, it wouldn’t just let any random new accounts to join and be a threat to your server, so VerifyBot requires the user to type a specific command in the #self-verification(any other channels works too) channel, and after the commands is typed, VerifyBot will assign the “Verified Member” role to the member and all set. Not that complicated.

How to set up?
Allow Manage Roles, Read Message, Send Message, Read Message History for VerifyBot in the channel you want the self-verification to be in.
Create a Verified Member role under VerifyBot…
Use command .setup in the channel and ready to go.

Commands for VerifyBot
.assist = sends an embed to the channel that the command is used to give a brief explaination once again.
.setup = sends an embed to the self-verification channel for users to know what to do.
.verify = VerifyBot assigns the “Verified Member to the user after entering the command.”