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A social deduction game about two teams trying to kick each other out of a village.
Vigilant Village is a game where you have an evil team and a good team who are trying to kick each other out of a village.
Command Description Permissions
vv!help Shows the help message. None
vv!bug (message) Report a bug with the bot. None
vv!suggest (message) Send a suggestion for the bot. None
vv!join / vv!j Joins the game. None
vv!leave / vv!l Leaves the game. None
vv!invite Sends a link to invite the bot. None
vv!info Shows info about the bot. None
vv!create / vv!c Creates the game so you can play. Host
vv!createjoin / vv!cj Creates the game and also makes you join. Host
vv!start Starts the game. Host
vv!stop Stops the game. Host
vv!settings Adjust the settings on the bot (prefix, host roles). Running this command with no arguments will show further help. Manage Server
This bot is in beta, if you run into a problem you can join our Support Server for help. Have fun!
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.