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A fun and useful Minecraft themed bot with a variety of features, moderation, utility commands, and EMERALDS!
You can vote once every 12 hours.
Once you press Upvote, you may be prompted asking if you wish to recieve notifications.
This will remind you in 12 hours that you can vote again!

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Notable Features:

  • Made by Iapetus11 & TrustedMercury, so it must be good, right?
  • Custom prefixes
  • Voting rewards (32 emeralds on weekdays, 64 on weekends, double on some holidays)
  • Economy/currency system (Emeralds, duh!)
  • Villager Shop with a bunch of different items including beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
  • Ability to ping Minecraft servers (Java Edition and some Bedrock Edition servers)
  • Command which sends a random Minecraft server



If a bug or unintended behavior is discovered, please report it by creating an issue here or by reporting it in the bug-smasher channel on the support server


If you’d like to contribute code to Villager Bot, then please fork the repository and make any neccessary changes there. Then, make a pull request and either Iapetus11 or TrustedMercury will review it.

Support/Contact Information


Economy Commands

  • !!profile [optional: user] (see the specified user’s profile)
  • !!mine (go mining with the bot for emeralds)
  • !!honey (who knew bees could produce honey)
  • !!balance (check the amount of emeralds in your inventory)
  • !!inventory (allows you to check the items in your inventory)
  • !!give @user amount [optional: item] (gives mentioned user specified amount of emeralds or items from your inventory)
  • !!gamble amount (gamble with Villager Bot)
  • !!pillage @user (attempt to steal emeralds from another user)
  • !!shop (opens the Villager Shop where you can buy items)
  • !!sell amount item (sells a specified amount of an item back to Villager Bot)
  • !!vault (view the amount of emerald blocks you have in the emerald vault)
  • !!deposit amount in emerald blocks (deposits emerald blocks into the emerald vault)
  • !!withdraw amount in emerald blocks (withdraws emerald blocks from the emerald vault)
  • !!chug potion (uses the specified potion)
  • !!leaderboard (shows the available leaderboards)

Other Fun Commands

  • !!enchant text (turns text into the Minecraft enchanting table language)
  • !!unenchant text (turns text in the enchanting table language back into english)
  • !!villagerspeak text (turns text into villager sounds in text)
  • !!say text (bot repeats what you say)
  • !!sarcastic text (converts given text into sarcastic text)
  • !!battle @user (allows you to battle the mentioned user)
  • !!cursed (bot will upload a cursed Minecraft image)
  • !!bubblewrap (bot will send some bubble wrap for you to pop)
  • !!clap text (bot will put the :clap: emoji between text)
  • !!kill @user (bot will kill specified user)

Useful Minecraft Commands

  • !!mcping ip:port (pings and gets information on the specified Minecraft server)
  • !!mcpeping ip (pings and gets the playercount of a Bedrock Edition Minecraft server)
  • !!stealskin gamertag (steal another Minecraft player’s skin)
  • !!getuuid gamertag (get the uuid of the specified player)
  • !!randommc (sends a random Minecraft server your way)
  • !!buildidea (sends an idea on what to build if you’re bored)
  • !!colorcodes (sends a cheat sheet of the Minecraft color codes)

Utility/Info Commands

  • !!help (displays all the main commands)
  • !!info (displays useful information about the bot)
  • !!config (change some of the bot settings for that server)
  • !!ping (checks latency between Discord and the bot)
  • !!uptime (gets the uptime of the bot)
  • !!vote (gets the link to vote for the bot, if you want to support it)
  • !!invite (gets the invite link if you want to add it to another server)
  • !!support (gives the invite to the official support server)
  • !!google query (bot searches for your query on google)
  • !!youtube query (bot searches for you on youtube)
  • !!image query (bot searches for you on google images)
  • !!stats (shows certain bot statistics)
  • !!math math (does math for you)
  • !!serverinfo (shows information about the current server)

Admin Only Commands

  • !!purge number (deletes the specified number of messages in the channel it was summoned)
  • !!kick @user (kicks the mentioned user)
  • !!ban @user (bans the mentioned user)
  • !!pardon @user (unbans the mentioned user)
  • !!warn @user (warns the mentioned user)
  • !!warns @user (shows that user’s warnings)
  • !!clearwarns @user (clear that user’s warnings)
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