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The VirusTotal website brought into discord!

VirusTotal is a website designed for scanning files and URLs for viruses by putting them through many AV engines, and this is exactly what the Unofficial VirusTotal Discord Bot does, this bot uses the VirusTotal API to bring the scanning power into a discord bot!


  • Auto delete suspicious links
  • Auto delete suspicious files
  • Scan URLs
  • Scan files
  • Scan IP adresses
  • Use bitly to shrink URLs
  • Expand bitly URLs to see where they go

All automated functions are customizable and can be disabled and re-enabled at any time of the day!

The bots automated systems will process the files which will be shown with a loading reaction and once the data get returned reacts with a tick to show it’s safe or with an x to show the file is not safe which is will then delete if the option is enabled!

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.


Prefix: vt! (Customisable)
Servers: 158
Users: 317k
Created by: Strawberry#9999
Short link: discord.ly/virustotal