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Vocard is a simple music bot, and easy to use. It leads to a comfortable experience that is user-friendly, It supports YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and more!

Basic Commands

?help - Show help menu
?ping - Check the ping of the bot.
?prefix <new prefix> - Change the bot prefix.
?language <language> - Change the bot language.


Music Commands

?play - Loads your input and added it to the queue.
?search - Seaches for your query on Youtube.
?connect - Connect to a voice channel.
?equalizer - Change the players equalizer.
?nowplaying - Update the player controller.
?pause - Pause the currently playing song.
?queue - Display the players queue songs.
?resume - Resume a currently paused player.
?seek - Change the player position, the position as an integer in secord.
?replay - Reset the progress of the current song.
?shuffle - Shuffle the players queue.
?skipto - skips to the specified song
?skip - Skip the currently playing song.
?stop - Stop the player and clear all internal states.
?swap - Swap the current DJ to another member in the voice channel.
?changenode - Change the players current.
?volume - Change the players volume, between 1 and 100.
?lyrics - Displays lyrics for the track.


  • Link to websites : Coming Soon
  • Donation links: Coming Soon
  • Vote rewards: Coming Soon

🌟You can visit our another bot website to know more about advanced commands(60+) --> https://docs-hype.tk/




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