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DiscordBot for creating temporary voice channels
With Voicer, creating and managing temporary VoiceChannels has never been easier!

Voicer will wait for you to join the designated Lobby channel and will then create a new voice channel in either a designated category or just after the last channel.

Invite Link

Click here to invite Voicer to your discord guild

Setting up Voicer
Step Description Example Command
1 Invite the Bot to the server and assign it all permissions that it requests with the invite
2 Define a lobby channel. This channel must already exist. You define it by issuing voicer!property voicer.lobby.id <ID> voicer!property voicer.lobby.id 488124623234531358
3 (Optional) Define a category in which the channels should be created. This category must already exist. You define it by using voicer!property voicer.category.id <ID> voice!property voicer.category.id 479438201887522836

Note: To be able to use voicer!property, you must be able to effectively use the Manage Server permission.

After you have set up the lobby channel, when joining the lobby, Voicer will create a new VoiceChannel and move you into it.
From there, you can change all parameters of the VoiceChannel as listed below using the VoiceChannel commands.
When all users leave the channel, Voicer will delete the channel.

All TempVoicer commands
VoiceChannel commands
Command Description Notes
voicer!lock Locks your voice channel for all other users Users that are already in the channel stay in the channel
voicer!unlock Unlocks your voice channel for all other users
voicer!name <Name> Changes the name of your voice channel
voicer!limit <Number> Changes the user limit of your voice channel to the given number Fails if the parameter is not an Integer
voicer!permit <User> Locks your voice channel for all other users except the mentioned user BETA: Might not work properly
voicer!reject <User> Disallows the mentioned user from joining your voice channel BETA: Might not work properly
Other commands
Command Description Notes
voicer!help [Command] Shows all available commands, or information about a specific command
voicer!property [<Property Name> [New Value]] Setup command Requires the Manage Server permission for usage
voicer!invite Sends you an Invite-link for the bot via DM
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.